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Honeymoon Package

Our Suppliers offer a number of different itineraries to suit participants of all cooking levels, from the novice to the advanced. Whether you have never even tasted a tagine or you are trying to figure out of to get the right consistency in your harira, they have a course to suit your needs. All cooking classes are hands-on, use the freshest of ingredients and also give the students an experience in Moroccan culture.

World Sacred Music Festival 2014

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music has one purpose, which is to leverage the arts and spirituality in the service of human and social development, and relations between peoples and cultures. The Fes world sacred music festival explores the vast repertoire of music and rhythms created across the world since the dawn of time.

Fes Sufi Festival 2014

Morocco is and always has been an open forum for dialogue and exchanges between the people of the Mediterranean and the sub-Saharan region. A material proof of this is that its languages and cultures are full of loan words, tales, beliefs, stories, myths and traditions that originated in the other religions of the book.

Essaouira Gnaoua Festival 2014

Each year, the beautiful city of Essaouira (Mogador) devotes its maze of streets, lovely beaches, and vibrant public squares to music. This year 16th Edition of the Gnaoua Festival Will take place on the 20, to the 23 June 2014,join us for this fabulous event.

Imilchil Wedding Festival 2014

High in the desert territory of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, lies a village by the name of Imilchil. Here, life is hard and locals are raised with a strong sense of culture and tradition. Not many outsiders come to this desolate Moroccan village, as the road that leads here is long, rough and almost inaccessible...

Adventure journeys Cultural journeys Spiritual journeys Festivals & Celebrations All